Governance and Ethics

The Power Generation Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (PowerGen) is committed to building a culture of integrity and compliance.

The PowerGen Code of Ethics Policy is a critical component in PowerGen's culture of compliance. At the heart of the Code of Ethics is a commitment by all employees to follow the highest ethical standards in all areas of our business. We have a well-defined and documented process for investigating issues and concerns. . All employees of PowerGen commit to a Corporate Code of Ethics on an annual basis.

The Code of Ethics focuses on the most critical aspects of our business and we are dedicated to maintaining an ethical workplace that encourages employees and third parties to report any concerns related to the company's integrity or compliance activities.

At PowerGen, our commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards is also demonstrated by our compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations.

 If you have any questions or concerns about the company's ethics, compliance or reporting procedures please contact us at