About PowerGen


Where are PowerGen's Plants located?

Syne Village, Penal; Point Lisas Industrial Estate, Point Lisas and Flament Street, Port-of-Spain

What is the Generation capacity of each Plant?

Penal - 236 megawatts; Point Lisas - 842 megawatts; Port-of-Spain - 308 megawatts.

Who are PowerGen's Customers?

PowerGen has one Customer - The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC)

Who are PowerGen's shareholders?

The shareholders in the Company are The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (51%), Maru Energy LLC. (39%) and Amoco Trinidad Power Resources Corporation (bp). (10%).

What is the difference between PowerGen & T&TEC?

PowerGen generates Electricity and sells it to T&TEC who in turn transmits and distributes it to residential and commercial customers.

Does PowerGen have a Power Station in Tobago.

No, PowerGen does not have a Power Station in Tobago.

How does Tobago get electricity.

Via underground cables from Trinidad and also the Cove Estate Power Station which is run by T&TEC.

What is PowerGen's involvement in cricket?

PowerGen is a proud sponsor of the Secondary Schools Cricket League and National Youth Cricket Coaching Programme for the past 14 years.

Does PowerGen sponsor any national events?

PowerGen hosts a Special Children's Fun Day for all the Special Schools.

If there is a power outage, who do I call to make the report?

Please call T&TEC's emergency telephone numbers. Click here