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Port of Spain

The present Port of Spain Power Station is located in the heart of the city, bounded to the North by Park Street, to the South by Wrightson Road, to the East by Flament Street and to the West by Colville Street.

Construction of the Plant began in 1961 with the establishment of a 33,000 Volt Busbar System and the installation of two 50,000 kilowatt (50MW) Steam Turbo-Generator units, which were commissioned in1965, giving the plant an installed capacity of 100,000 kilowatts (100MW).

Water: Water for steam production, is obtained from water wells, while water for condenser cooling was obtained from the Gulf of Paria.

Boiler Units: Steam for the steam turbines is supplied by two boilers each rated at a steam flow of 475,000 lbs per hour steam pressure of 900 lb/inch2 and super-heater outlet temperature of 900oF.

In 1969 and 1974, two 80,000 kilowatt General Electric Steam Turbo-Generator units were installed. Each boiler is rated for a steam flow of 737,000 lbs per hour steam pressure of 1,250 lb/inch
2 and super-heater outlet temperature of 950oF. The total installed capacity then stood at 260,000 kilowatt(260MW).

The year 1984 saw the final addition of units at this Plant with the installation of two 24,000 kilowatt (24MW) Rolls Royce Gas Turbine driven Generators. These units are used mainly for peaking purposes and have “Black Start Capability” which is the ability to start up independently of the power grid.