Secondary Schools Cricket League

PowerGen’s Secondary Schools Cricket League (SSCL):
Planting seeds of success for 15 years

PowerGen has been a proud sponsor of the Secondary Schools Cricket League (SSCL) for the last fifteen years. As part of our corporate citizenship mandate, we see the SSCL as a positive intervention in the lives of our nation’s students with the goal of engendering discipline, teamwork and self esteem. The seed of success we have planted in the SSCL will augur well for the cricketing success of our country and the wider Caribbean. We pledge to continue our commitment to youth through sport and education and our strategic partnership with the SSCL.

President of the SSCL, Mr. William Wallace, praised PowerGen as an exemplary corporate citizen and expressed appreciation on behalf of the League and the nation’s students who have benefited from PowerGen’s long-standing sponsorship of the League.

The League increased the number of schools competing in the Championship Division competition this year, growing from 16 to 20 schools. Another welcome change is the introduction of the Daren Ganga Intercol T20 competition. The introduction of the T20 format is in response to the current evolution of the game as opposed to its traditional form.